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In the past half century, the brain has dominated the study of electricity in the body.

It turns out that all cells, not just neurons, send and receive electrical signals – a phenomenon known as bioelectricity.

Long before there were brains, evolution figured out that electrical networks are exceptional for computation. Bioelectricity is the primitive intelligence of the body – a computational medium by which groups of cells make decisions about what to build.

For a quick primer on bioelectricity, start here.

Bioelectric view of health

Most of the health problems we face can be traced back to bioelectricity going awry – birth defects, traumatic injury, degenerative disease, cancer, aging, and so on.

If we knew how to tell cells what to build, all of these problems would go away.

This represents a new paradigm of health, directing the collective intelligence of cells towards repairing damaged tissues or organs.

Our understanding of bioelectricity is accelerating as novel tools are being developed to decipher and reprogram the information encoded in bioelectric networks.

The bioelectric revolution is just beginning.

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